Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm quite sure you're wrong.

I have quite a few rants swimming in my mind but I think some of them are actually related, so here we go.

1. Has anyone heard those awful Spence Diamond ads on the radio? They are horrible! That guy has a terrible radio voice, it's all whiny and makes you want to smack him. But even worse is their message. Today's was some kind of crap about how if this guy doens't ask his girlfriend to marry him soon by choosing a big diamond from Spence, she'll soon dump him. The other time was some drivel about "Shrinking Diamond Syndrome" where a guy must replace that tiny non-Spence diamond with a huge Spence diamond, lest his wife/fiancee/girlfriend become envious of other women's huge Spence diamonds and leave him.

Wow, these ads make me want to scream. Are we supposed to believe that all women want a "huge" diamond or that a girl would leave a guy who didn't buy her a big rock? Egads.

2. I read a blog recently where the guy writing said something about how he's going to be making $X/year and how he had previously made money and spent it all, accumulating "bad debt" (on stuff like home electronics, cars, etc), not investing wisely ... but now he's going to be making a ton and buying investment properties... and then he said something like, "God gives and God takes away, and God has given me back now what he took away before." Um, NO! God did not "take away" your money, you SPENT IT. On useless stuff. I don't think God should be blamed for your poor spending habits. And I certainly don't think you're being rewarded with a fat paycheque now that you've chosen to make better investments.

It's like losing your iPod, and having someone give you a new one. Can you really say, God took my first iPod away? No... because YOU (which is, I'll admit, a three letter word with "o" in the middle, but still shouldn't be confused with GOD), LOST IT.

That's it for now. Time for dim sum.

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