Monday, April 10, 2006

How much would you spend...

We've just been having a little chat here at the office about jeans. One girl just spent over $300 on a pair of jeans while another knows someone who routinely buys jeans over $200.

Look, Rock & Republic jeans:

Now, maybe I'm just being cheap, or maybe it's because I don't make very much, or maybe my Asian-ness just cannot comprehend spending that kind of money on pants. I've heard all the arguments in favour of expensive jeans - they lift the butt, show curves well, etc etc. But would they not fray at roughly the same rate as cheap jeans? Would they not fade and be subject to the dreaded "chubb rub" chafing and the thinning at the knees? Are expensive jeans made out of some magic fabric?

I just don't get it.

But then again, I am known to get my hair cut once a year and then let it grow out until I can't stand it any more.

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char said...

i've never purchased or tried on any $200-300 jeans..maybe not even $100 ones. however, i've heard through the grapevines that they feel like butter on your skin.(smooth..not greasy)
yes, these jeans do fray and tear eventually.. but don't forget! you don't have to do that yourself. the holes and tearings have already been created strategically on the jeans for you...even before you've tried them on. (yes, you're paying for torn goods) much would you spend on shoes? maybe $850 on a pair of Christian Louboutin?

maybe if we become gazillionaires, we won't be having this discussion.