Saturday, January 26, 2008

One week old

Kodi's been with us for one week now. This week she has peed on the carpet about 6 times (oops!) at home and 3 times at work (double oops.) Good thing we have a good stain remover. She has actually been quite good about giving us warning when she has to pee... but sometimes she gets outside and is far more interested in eating every leaf and twig in sight. You'd think we don't feed her or something. She has come to work with me three times and seems comfortable there, although really, she spends 75% of the time sleeping. I suppose it's a puppy thing - energy in spurts.

I wonder what goes through a puppy's mind.... does she remember the home she came from? Does she miss her brothers and sisters? Who does she think we are - food providers? pseudo-parents? I dunno.

Enough about the dog, she's sleeping right now anyway. I am watching some sort of makeover show on an Asian girl and the hairdresser said about her hair: "There's so much of it... and the colour is just so solid and one colour... I want to change it." Um... yes. Imagine! Asian hair that is all black! Ridiculous!

Ok. Real time blogging. Head & Shoulders commercial about total softness AND no dandruff. That girl is about to put her hair in a ponytail with a scrunchie. Do people even use those any more? It isn't the 1990's! Elations - some sort of vitamin drink for joints. Oh - it's a Priceline commercial. I think - yes! that's William Shatner. He's so delightfully cheesy. Now, an ad for LA Ink. I've never gotten hooked on these tattoo shows - it seems there are just tons of them.

Back to the show! Hello "before" frumpy Asian girl! Hello much hipper looking younger sister! Now, the reveal. Wow! It's a nicer haircut but I think she actually looks .... ten years older!! In a more sophisticated way. But she looks like my piano teacher and I admit I'm a little scared by that. She has a total mom haircut. Before, she just looked frumpy and tired - now she looks like a well-dressed see lai. There is no way she's only 28. The show was supposed to make her look ten years younger! But alas... no luck. Maybe I'm just being harsh cuz I don't think I look as old as she does, and I never even got a makeover. Hmm - maybe it's the dark red lipstick. Well, remind me never to get my hair cut like that. Ahaha! They didn't even succeed - people still thought she was an average age of 31. Sucks.

Hooray! It's time for What Not to Wear. Yay!

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