Sunday, January 27, 2008

Move-out Must-haves

Sometimes it's hard to believe that it has been over 2.5 years since I've lived at home. Time flies. I thought I'd compile a little list of must have items for those who are moving out... things I didn't really realize I'd need, or took completely for granted at home!

  1. A sewing kit. I don't really know how to sew, but I still had to buy a few things in order to put buttons back on, etc. What I've got: some sort of plastic box, some needles, a few spools of thread, a pincushion, and some scissors. Also I keep all the buttons from new clothes in those tiny ziploc bags, but I put a note inside so I know which shirt came with which button. Smart eh?
  2. Stamps. At home there were just always stamps and I never had to buy any! What I've got: again a plastic box to hold the stamps - and a Shoppers nearby from which to buy stamps.
  3. Toilet brush. It sounds obvious, I know. What I've got: dollar store quality toilet brush. No one got me the $20 one I registered for!
  4. Vacuum. We had a central vacuum at home, but this house is too old for one, too bad. Also, did you know that floors don't clean themselves? What a disappointment! What I've got: Eureka vacuum from Costco. It isn't even sold any more. I wanted a Dyson or Miele or even a Kenmore, but couldn't justify the $400-600 price tag. Tip: buy a ton of vacuum bags, some filters, etc, all at once so you don't run the risk of having them discontinued later!
  5. Candles and a lighter or matches, and a flashlight. You never know when the power is going to go out. What I've got: Well, aside from the zillions of wedding candles we had left over, I also have a few random Ikea candles... and we have two handcrank flashlights. Not the best, but they do the job.
  6. Mesh laundry bags. You don't want your delicates to be twisted around in the machine! What I've got: a lovely "football" shaped bag from Daiso! $2!
  7. Dish towels. I use sponges to wash dishes, so only need towels for hand-drying, dish-drying, and wiping up stuff. What I've got: Since my hubby just grabs the first towel he can find to wipe up a spill, I buy the super cheap facecloths from Ikea (12 for $5.99) and bleach them when they aren't very white any more.
  8. Shelving and storage options. I am constantly in need of places to put things... especially now that the dog is here, and wants to chew on everything! Also (see next item), I always have extras of household stuff. What I've got: Sorely lacking in this regard - I need to get some chew-proof rubbermaids and boxes.
  9. Costco membership. Ok, this isn't a must-have. But it's awesome! Why wouldn't you want to buy 96 loads worth of laundry detergent? or 250 bounce sheets? or 30 rolls of TP? or 8 tubes of toothpaste? or camping stuff in the middle of February? What I've got: We used to get a membership for free, but now we suck it up and pay for it ourselves. It's more for entertainment than anything else - I could spend a whole day at Costco!
  10. Tool kit. The one time you'll need tools is when you don't have any at home. What I've got: Actually, I am blissfully unaware of what tools we have beyond a hammer and multi-bit screwdriver but I have been assured that all the tools we have are necessary. I'm sure the hubby could tell you what other tools we have, but I mostly just holler "Help! Please fix _____" and somehow, he gets it done. Maybe it isn't the tool kid we all need, but just someone who will fix things!
That is all I can think of for now...


ArC said...

Vacuum tips: Consumer Reports rates vacuums on noise and vacuuming effectiveness. But! They do not seem to consider things like ease of maintenance and emptying. Like, I'm told the lightweight Dyson I passed on (1) does not need filters replaced (only occasionally washed) and it's easy to empty. Neither is true of the el cheapo Eureka I did buy.

Tree said...

I would like to have a tool kid. Does s/he give massages, too?

All kidding aside, I was nearly in the same boat as you. Great advice, Snerk! Dollar stores are my best friends.