Thursday, January 10, 2008

I took this picture while parasailing in Mexico. We were convinced to go along with one of the kids on the trip and although it was pricey, it was definitely fun. If you haven't gone parasailing, here is what happens: you get strapped into a harness while wearing a lifejacket, and you stand at the back of a speedboat. As the boat speeds up, one of the crew lets out your line and you start to float higher and higher until you feel like you're at the top of a skyscraper. All the while, the parachute is allowing you to float above the water while billowing out behind you. It isn't a long trip (or it would be even pricier!) but the view and the thrill are well worth it.

Anyway, I took a ton of pictures and tried to get in about half of them, thus ensuring that I look like a total parasailing dork. Nonetheless. This picture is my favourite. I love how the light filters through the parachute, bright but not blinding. If you looked from a different angle, you might only see sunlight. For some reason, looking at the sunlight through the holes in the chute reminds me of how I see God sometimes ... getting only a glimpse of him, without seeing the whole picture. Maybe sometimes I put my own parachute up, choosing not to see what I know well is there... because if you can't see God, surely he can't see you... choosing to float along, the-devil-may-care attitude... thinking that I am doing well to hold myself up... deciding to hide from God and thus hide all of my faults and sins and challenging times.

Well. No one can hide from God, not Adam, not Eve, not Jonah, not me.

Do you ever feel like hiding from God? Or from other people? I'm learning to lean on God as my anchor, my rock, my salvation. Despite being a Christian for over 20 years - it isn't easy.

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