Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why do today what you can put off for tomorrow ...

By now, those of you who have been following must realize that I'm not nearly as studious as I might appear to be. If you looked in the dictionary under "procrastination", you'd see me ... that is, if I could get my butt in gear to send Webster my picture :D Hope I haven't burst anyone's perfect impression of me.

Anyway, Part I of my exams is over. It wasn't too bad, or at least, I hope I didn't do badly. Hey, I wrote something on every question, that's helpful eh! My next exam is on Friday. I'm not looking forward to it, as you can imagine. In fact, my plan for today is to do nothing at all. Heh.

Last night, we had a dinner of chicken wings and .. well... chicken wings! We also had watermelon, and then I made these for dessert (from a box - don't get excited):

These lava cakes are made by Dr. Oetker. When you put your fork in them, warm chocolate oozes out while the cake is nice and moist. (Sorry Char - I know you aren't a chocolate fan - but if you were - you'd enjoy these!)

Unfortunately, I missed one crucial step - I forgot to grease the little aluminum tins that come with the box. You wouldn't think this would impact the entire dessert, but so it did. (Actually - if you were a chef - you would TOTALLY think this would impact the entire dessert.) I ended up with a sort of chocolate sauce/cake puddle. Oops. Hubby still ate two and pronounced them delicious, particularly with vanilla ice cream. It takes a strong man to love someone who can't even prepare a dessert from a box correctly.

Only five more days until San Fran. I broke out the suitcases and got them ready for packing already. Okay... actually... the reason I got the suitcases out is because I had to load one of them full of books for my exam (it's open-book) and I already had one out when I realized it was too small. How nerdy! I wasn't the only one who showed up with a suitcase though, and personally, I think it's a little better than a big cardboard box filled with books. At least a suitcase is easy to pull around. I'm nothing if not ergonomically sensitive.

Till next time, friends!


char said...

wow... they look as delicious as they can be (sorry, i wouldn't know) and they look like something that'd be featured in a magazine... summer casual dessert idea =) if you forget to grease the tins next time, just eat straight from the tin. no one would ever know!

and if someone were to ask why you didn't invert them, tell them that's your signature.. uninverted lava cakes.

snerk said...

Hmm - that picture is just a "stock" picture ... not actually a picture of mine ... which were just... blobs :(