Thursday, July 20, 2006

Studying puts me into a haze.

I used to study in the Law Library on some occasions while in law school (this may seem like an obvious thing to say, but actually, a great portion of people in the Law Library aren't actually in law school. Why they would choose to study in the most dungeon-like building next to Main Library's bowels is beyond me.) I have to say that studying at school was pretty useless though, as I was armed with a laptop and wireless internet.

So, I started studying at home. You'd think that would be worse, but in fact, I got a lot done.

I haven't had to study in over a year, but now that the bar exams are close at hand, I'm forced to apply myself once again. So, I've been studying at my new home. It's very different. For one thing, the lighting is best in the living room (at my mom's house, the lighting was best in the kitchen) - so I'm studying on the couch. As well, it's very quiet here when the hubby is gone, and I hate quiet.

What do I hate more than quiet? STUDYING. My gosh. It puts me into this lethargic, apathetic state. I get up in the morning and shower ... and then, it takes a herculean effort just to crack open a book. I spend most of the day in sweats or other unappealing clothing. I feel hungry but at the same time, I'm too lazy to actually make anything. I feel as though I absorb hardly anything when I am studying... ugh.

I know I shouldn't complain... but it's difficult not to :) Can't wait to go back to work!!!

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