Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stir Crazy

It's already the end of July and I'm finally feeling like I can enjoy the summer. I've finished my bar exams and PLTC is over. Spending more time studying would probably have bored me into complete sloth and lethargy. Good thing that's all over and done with.*

*Note: it's only all over and done if I haven't failed anything. I'm hoping that I haven't ... I did try my best even though I didn't appear to study hard!

In slightly less than two days, hubby and I are off to the land of heat waves, fog, and earthquakes. Good old Frisco awaits. (I heard the locals hate the name "Frisco.") I'm looking forward to the vacation, but at the same time it's been a difficult trip to plan. Our entire honeymoon was easier to plan, and it was twice as long. But I guess that's what happens when you travel in a group, and when people don't even live close together.

After the trip, we'll be back the long, hard grind of daily life. Hooray! Well, I suppose it isn't all bad. At least I'll eventually be referred to as a lawyer and not just a student.

In other news, hubby and I got accepted to an Operation Christmas Child shoebox distribution trip. You've probably heard about it before, but in case you haven't, here's the link to give you more information. We'll be going to Costa Rica, in Central America, sometime next January. Pretty exciting. I've actually never been on a short-term missions trip - the timing has never worked out for me. Now that I can take time off, it'll be a cool experience, I think.

When we were in Orlando we enjoyed some delicious ice cream at Ghirardelli's, which as you probably all know, originated in San Fran. Yummm... I'm looking forward to more of that. Here's a picture to keep you all entertained while we're gone. Stay safe!

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