Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's crunch time

...and in more ways than one!

1) The first part of my bar exam is in about two weeks (it's two parts spread out over a few days.) Nervous, you ask? Nope! Shouldn't I be? Probably! I do need to do some major studying, but it's been difficult since they've also given us assignments to do in the next two weeks. What a waste of time.

2) In my haste yesterday, I managed to scratch someone's car while parking. I didn't feel a bump, but rather, I heard a lovely scratching noise. Fantastic! I'm so pleased with my driving. I was in a rush, so I left them a note and took a few pictures (I carry my camera everywhere, usually!)

3) There's less than three weeks to San Fran, and it's been an irritating process for me to plan this trip. I'm usually so good at the trip planning, so when I'm not good at it, it's incredibly frustrating. Blah. Too bad the Yam isn't getting married at Disney World, I would have been far more organized for that :)

4) I have a springform pan and would love to make a cheesecake sometime - but not those super dense ones. Unfortch, I've put myself on a three week starvation diet. Well, not starvation. But far less snacking and hardly any treats. Perhaps I shouldn't watch so much Food Network, it just makes me hungry!


char said...

three weeks of starvation, while preparing for exam? woman, you're crazy! this is the time to stuff your face & do whatever it takes to make you as happy (and sane) as possible.

how bout some healthy snacking? like.. delicious exotic fruits? or bite size cheesecakes (made in muffin pan) so you won't feel guilty eating multiple pieces =)

snerk said...

Well, it's not total starvation! Just avoidance of overly delicious yet unhealthy snacks. I think bite size cheesecakes is a recipe for disaster :D