Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rich Bride, Poor Bride

Who's seen this show? More importantly - who's been disgusted by this show?

I'm currently watching a delightful episode of Rich Bride, Poor Bride. They are investigating centerpiece prices and the one they really like is $125.00 per centerpiece. The one they might go with is $79.00 per centerpiece. This isn't a small wedding either, they have about 25 tables. My word! That is ridiculous.

The groom wants to wear a white tux. Ummmmm.... hideous. Perhaps he could throw on a big hat and carry a cane, and wear a knuckle ring set that says "Groom".

The bride picked the wedding cake without talking to her fiance and essentially told him that all he could do was help pick the flavours. Nice. Also, the cake was hideous. Oh, and she wants fireworks for their entrance. FIREWORKS.

Uh oh. He just said it was his money paying for the wedding when she said it was their money. He said, "it isn't our money until we're married." Ouch.

I think I've got train wreck syndrome, I can't turn away.

Their limobus costs $1199! Ours was half that! What a ripoff.

We spent about $5 on each centerpiece at our wedding. This consisted of vases from Michaels (a store I have barely set foot in since the wedding, but dragged the hubby to at least 20 times when we were engaged) and roses. The centerpieces would have looked a lot nicer if I had remembered to put water in the vases on the Friday we brought them to the hall. Oops.

We picked the wedding cake together, but that is mostly because I did the research and hubby went along with the ideas. I recall that it was tasty, but that is all I remember about the food, since I didn't eat anything else that night except a bite of wedding cake.

Oh my. The arguing on this show continues. And the women are squealing. And cackling. Oh my.

What show are you all watching these days?


ArC said...

Just in the summer? "Burn Notice" and "In Plain Sight". And probably "Mad Men" in a week or so. And maybe "Psych" too.

Overall, including series from the season just finished that are returning? 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Heroes, Life, My Name is Earl, The Office, Pushing Daisies, Scrubs, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Top Chef. Plus I like Good Eats every now and then.

My most recommended shows would be "30 Rock", "Pushing Daisies", and "Top Chef"...

Tree said...

I'm watching:
So You Think You Can Dance

In the fall, I'll add:
Prison Break
The Office

Jo said...

I'm watching.... nothing.

(we don't have cable!)

But, if we were to have cable, I'd watch FoodTV... all day long.... I never get bored of that channel.

atamayoshiko said...

"Top Chef" is awesome, cuz it's so anti-FoodNetwork (USA). It's a bonus whenever Bourdain's the guest judge.

I also enjoy A&E's "The First 48" and "Crime 360" and PBS's "Charlie Rose." Rose is so much better as an interviewer than Larry King.