Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not good

  • Nine city workers "working" on one small stretch of road. Three are holding signs or directing traffic to follow the traffic lights. One is smoking on the side of the road. Two are drinking coffee. Two are standing around pretending to be busy. Only one is doing any actual work. Creating jobs for Canadians!
  • Guy who almost hits me with his pickup truck because he runs a stop sign - then gives ME the finger. I love this city.
  • Pedestrians who think that because power is out and traffic signals are down, they can cross without even looking.
  • People I used to respect and admire acting way younger than they should, and acting icky to boot. Yuck.
  • Bubble tea that costs more than $2.99.
  • Our home alarm company.
  • Having to tell Telus that I'd cancel if they didn't waive a charge that was ridiculous to begin with... and having that threat of cancellation be the only way the charge could be waived. What a waste of time.
  • My mood. Stressful times make for stressful... times. I can't even think of the words I need.


Jo said...

The last time Mr.C and I went to Seattle - we got stalled near Bellis Fair for 1.5 hours because of the I-5 construction. You know what's worse? There were at least a good two dozen construction workers "working" under the overpass near the exit... one was paving the road, one was directing traffic. The rest were watching the two dudes working while drinking pop and smoking (crack maybe?)! That wasn't very pleasant(especially when the A/C in our car died and it was 30C out).

There are so many unpleasant people and behaviour on our roads now, it's pretty sad. If I have to blog about it, I would probably have something new to say everyday. At times, I wish I drive a turbocharged tank, so I can chase idiots down and run them all over (ok, just joking, or maybe not).

I hope the week ahead gets better for you. The weekend is almost here!

Tree said...

Crave95 this morning had a "Giving Rude the Finger" segment where people called in to rant about incivility. The Province also (coincidentally?) had an article on incivility. Today must just be a rant day. I'm with you on several of your rants there, Snerk.