Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little weird

The hubby's away this weekend celebrating T's last single outing ever.... or something like that. Anyway, today I decided to do some shopping. We recently bought a dining room set, my first real foray into the world of grownup furniture. It's so nice that I almost don't want people to eat on it... and I certainly wouldn't want them to spill something. I was about to go to Ikea, only my second favourite store ever, but then I remembered that it's Saturday, and hello, only crazy people, or people who love crowds and long lineups go to Ikea on Saturdays. (Did you know that Ikea reserves two spots for hybrid vehicles? They are even closer than the "family" parking spots. Take that, parents with three small children! Too bad there are no hybrid minivans! Bahaha!) So instead, I went to Jysk.

I first heard of Jysk when I was in the Hat, but I never actually went inside. It's somewhat Ikea-like in that they sell furniture and household items for good prices. I wandered around aimlessly for several minutes and finally chose a tablecloth and placemats. I made my way over to the checkout line and was privy to the following conversation:

Cashier (to family in front of me): Oh, just to let you know, you can't return this duvet once it's opened so if you need to return it, don't open it. And this pillow - if you need to return it, um, it's best to return it within 2-3 days.

Wife: What do you mean you can't open the duvet?

Cashier: Well, we can't accept a return if the duvet is opened.

Wife: But the package just has a zipper, how can you tell if it's been opened by someone else?

Cashier: Oh, well, we just look at the packaging and how it's folded... umm... yes.

Wife (after paying): So should we just check it right now by opening it?

Cashier: Um, well, we can't accept a return if it's been opened... I mean if it has a tear then maybe a return will be okay, maybe, after you open it, maybe...

Wife: But you can't tell if it's been opened... maybe someone else, not me, opened it first, then I can't return it.

Cashier: Well, okay, if you have to return it, make sure you fold it back neatly.


Cashier: But return it as soon as possible...

Wife: Can I exchange it right now for one from the inside?

Cashier: .....

Wife: I'll just exchange it, thanks.

I think their return policy needs a little work - maybe their customer service needs some work too.

On a customer service note, I feel like our move has been one giant complaint. Here are the things that weren't quite right:
  • seller failed to disclose/inspector failed to find out that the master ensuite shower leaked... all the way into the drywall below
  • seller put a "quick fix" on several things, including hooking up the toilet flusher in the tank to a yogurt container filled with rocks
  • Telus overcharged us on two consecutive bills; the customer service rep forced me to say I would cancel before he could help me
  • Terasen charged us a random fee because we moved, despite the account number not changing and Terasen having to do no work other than to change our billing address
  • Alarm company overcharging us and alarm being overly sensitive to the panic button being pressed
  • Appliance company overcharging us
  • Bank not taking out the right amount on our mortgage
  • Roofing company being slack on everything except demanding payment
  • Furniture place saying they would deliver between 1 and 5pm, arriving at 5:45pm instead
Sigh. Although you might not believe it, I really dislike having to get on the phone to complain about some billing or other issue. It's just so exhausting... why can't things just be right the first time? Anyway. None of these things are serious, and we are still thrilled with the move - and believe me, I know these complaints are trivial. I just like to remember them.

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Tree said...

You might think those complaints are trivial, but they do add up. Yogurt container in the toilet tank? Puh-leeze! I hope you were able to laugh over that one 'cuz I'd say that's a big item to complain about, although the leaking prob is annoying, too.

And you're right about the customer service/return policy issue needing to be improved. But, I didn't like the customer's attitude either. She has a point, but to make a big fuss about the whole thing only to exchange the stuff afterward seems a little pretentious.