Monday, April 21, 2008

Springtime fresh

Since the dog made her way into our lives, I really haven't done much shopping for myself. I'm perfectly willing to get stuff for her (uh - yeah... so I spoil my dog. Shush) but I am much cheaper with my own stuff. Once in a while, however, I do feel like breaking out of the mold and shopping for clothes and shoes until I drop.

The problems, however, are many. First, I rarely find stuff that I like AND that fits me properly. Probably it's because I am short and a little rounder than I'd like. Second, I can't relate to a lot of the fashions that are out there right now. I often try to find work-appropriate clothing, but all I seem to find is trendy, "disposable" clothing. Ugh. Third, I much prefer online shopping because the variety in the States is just faboo, not to mention the prices. But the duty and taxes! Ugh again!

Let's talk about some of the fashion trends right now.

1. Coats with cropped sleeves - a few examples. I like this look - on other people. But on me? No. I have a few shirts that have 3/4 sleeves but I could never wear a jacket with cropped sleeves. My wrists would be cold! I much prefer sleeves that are way too long.

2. Bubble skirts. Um - need we emphasize the rear end? Also, I'm fairly sure I had a skirt like this in the late 80's.

3. Bermuda shorts. Now look, I work in a very casual environment. But I really do not understand these short pants. On What Not to Wear, one of the hosts told a girl she could wear these to work and they would be a great substitute for a formal suit when paired with a suit jacket. I beg to differ.

4. The ever-popular capri pant. I have never worn a pair of capri pants. I believe I have mentioned why before, but here it is again - why would I want my pants to cut me off at the fattest part of my calf? Truly, the capri should be reserved for clam digging or terribly skinny girls. Or terribly skinny girls who like to dig for clams. And let us not even discuss the manpri. Hideous.

5. Skinny jeans. Again, these should be reserved for very skinny folk only. On most people, the tapered jean look just widens the butt. Why not add in the high-waisted look and really enlargen the rear? (I wanted to say "embiggen". Quick! what show is that from?)

Sometimes - I hate shopping. It's a wonder I get dressed at all on weekdays.


ArC said...

"(I wanted to say "embiggen". Quick! what show is that from?)"

Please. I'd know that even if I was sound asleep.

Speaking of clothes, do you follow the Sartorialist?

atamayoshiko said...

leggings and high-waisted jeans (worn separately of course) are a couple other fashion trends right now... but you probably find them neither attractive nor work-appropriate huh?

Jo said...

And what about dresses over jeans? I never understood that trend...

And spandex!!!! They should only occur inside dance studios or gyms.....