Thursday, April 10, 2008


In an ideal world, you would complete the sale of your house before completing the purchase of your new house. In an ideal world, you would give possession of your old house after getting possession of your new house. In an ideal world, your buyer wouldn't screw you over.


Instead of ranting about how my world is not ideal, let me tell you instead about my perfect house. What I have always wanted is a house that feels spacious and warm. Space to entertain, warmth to live in. I have never wanted a huge house, nor one with every new fangled appliance or handmade countertop. I don't dream like the HGTV folks. My perfect house has a large family room, where we can lounge after work, have friends over, snack in front of the TV (flat screen LCD, of course.) My perfect house also has a spacious kitchen where I can sit and watch the hubs cook (heh) or do the dishes while he cooks and not bump into him. My perfect house has a nice yard for the dog to run around in (and a good fence to keep her in.)

Hey, guess what!

We're moving. To the perfect house! Who are we kidding - no house is perfect. But this one comes pretty darn close. I mean, it has floral wallpaper borders and a pink countertop and non-low-flush toilets and what's not to love? Ok, it also has a huge family room, a nice sized kitchen and a good yard. I can't wait to have family and friends over. Maybe we'll even let the youth group come over. MAYBE.

Meanwhile... I will not lose faith.


Tree said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos of your place!

pj said...

Happy B-day ... what a gift, the perfect house!

As for who would have won IF the Canucks got in .... hahaha ... you couldn't possibly be serious.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats to you guys! Hmmm, I can't help but wonder if the bigger home is to house possibly a bigger family?? sorry, I shouldn't pry ;}

snerk said...

Oh PJ. Your Wings loyalty is still strong I see. Maybe your new congregation isn't faithful enough to the Canucks. That's a problem. You should look into it.

thanks Tree and Mar! Mar - you know - we HAVE been thinking of getting another dog... haha

Jo said...

Oh my, congrats on the purchase of a your perfect home. That's really exciting and I hope the moving part is smooth for you and Raf.

Ahhhh, the joy of buying and selling homes. :)

Speaking of which, we still have to invite you guys over to this tiny little place we called our home. It's long overdue. :(