Friday, August 03, 2007


One of my pet peeves is know-it-allness. I can't stand a know-it-all who brags about knowing it all. Here's an example: someone asks me if I'm enjoying married life. I say yes, I am rather enjoying it, thanks for asking, although life has been quite busy. Said person then says, why just wait until you have kids! Then you'll really be feeling busy. You don't even know what busy is yet! ... Seriously - how annoying!

(I try my best not to be one of those "I've done it all, you have no idea" people so if I have been like that toward you, I heartily apologize.)

I had more of a rant written, but perhaps I should move on.

Last week, I was driving from far off lands over a bridge and noticed a number of signs on the bridge saying RAMPS ARE SAFE. PROCEED AT POSTED SPEED LIMIT. I don't know about you, but when there is a huge sign saying the ramps are safe, my first thought is that they are unsafe. Apparently everyone else thought so too, because everyone slowed down to go over the ramp (which was really more like a bump.)

Traffic issues interest me because of my long commute. There is a portion of my commute that I dislike tremendously because it is slow and painful. There is a shortcut, but lots of construction along the shortcut lately. Finally, the city has listened to my unspoken pleas for relief and they have been building an overpass to get over the slow part of my commute. Every day, I drive by to see if the overpass is ready yet. Of course, only today did I think to google it and looks like it won't be ready until October. Ugh. Don't they realize it could shave off 5-10 minutes of my commute every day? In billable hours, that's like what, $50? (PJ, I threw that one in for you!)

It's almost the long weekend and I can't wait. Maybe I'll clean the house! Woohoo!


ArC said...

"I can't stand a know-it-all who brags about knowing it all"

I can't imagine where you picked up that aversion. =)

PJ said...

$50 for 10 min ... wow, you make a lot of money !! Oh, did I ever tell you how much I love being mentioned in people's blogs ... it feels so ... uh, personal ... lol.

That was a good reminder not to appear 'know-it-all', I must have said exactly those words to countless people not knowing how patronizing that must sound, I should have known, afterall, I don't like it when my dad says that.

As for signs on bridges/ramps, I thought you were going somewhere else with that in light of the recent news of the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Sometimes, out of no where, certain news headlines put into perspective the trivial concerns that I have.

Enjoy your long weekend. When you're done, come on over and help us clean ours.