Wednesday, August 29, 2007

America is awesome.

Poor AC Slater - he must have been killing himself not to laugh.


euge said...

such as thereof the Iraq
South Africa Asia

... I love U.S. Americans!

pj said...

In her defence, she is only a teen and had to answer a question live before millions of people. I wonder how many of us would sound intelligent. Having said that, my issue has more to do with beauty pageants altogether and the objectification of women.

I must say, was expecting a blog review of your Canucks new jersey ... you likey? Creative way to get more $$ out of the fans hey?

snerk said...

i think that if you're going to enter a pageant, you should really be prepared to answer difficult questions in front of millions of people! And I have to say that at least I would not have said "the Iraq".

Will consider your blog idea - thanks PJ :D

Jules said...

You crack me up soooo terribly. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a Nordstrom Rack logo for work (tied in somehow to google with the entry about your shoes) and keep looking for more spunky Canadian snarkiness to giggle at.

You're killing me, snerks, you're killing me!