Thursday, July 26, 2007

Snippy much?

Those who know me will know I have a bad temper. I keep it in check as much as possible, particularly at work where being angry is counterproductive. But sometimes (okay - all the time) I find myself asking why someone is being so monumentally stupid, or why someone else just does not get it, or why it feels like the world is out to make me irritated. Of course, the problem is me, not everyone else. I'm just the one trying to force my version of being rational on them.

Anyway let's move on. Today I went to the Kwik-E-Mart to see what Simpsons gear I could snag. I managed to get a couple of donuts with the pink icing and sprinkles, and a box of Krusty-O's. We haven't decided whether we'll eat the Krusty-O's or not. They are apparently frosted. I bet they are just like frosted Cheerios. The Kwik-E-Mart was just okay, like my brother said. Probably not worth a long trek. I wanted to try the blue vanilla squishie, but the lineup was too long.

On another note, if you liked someone, would you make a move of any sort? I'm always surprised by the girls who say No. But then again, I am rather practical, not that emotionally driven (anymore.) I suppose fear of rejection is an issue. Or maybe the guy just isn't that into you. I've really gotta read that book.

Now I am just rambling, a sure sign it's time for bed.

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char said...

i think the Krusty-O's is similiar to Fruit Loops, at least the online photo suggests they're more or less the same thing. (everything on the internet is true, right?)

*gasp*!!!! you like someone other than raf?!? i'm telling!!!!