Monday, July 02, 2007

Seven hundred and thirty days

Guess what folks - it's anniversary time again. Another year, another cake to be enjoyed, another day in our life together. This last year has been a busy one for us. Let's see - I became a lawyer, participated in a couple of trials, hubby decided to try out a new career field, he also became an elder, we got to be sponsors together again, we went to California twice, we went to Chile on our first missions trip together ... and of course, we made it through a year without sweating the small stuff. I'd call that successful, but I'd give all the credit to our God, our most faithful Father, who comforts and who motivates us to stick it out.

Here's to another fantastic year!

To paraphrase a little song I may have helped compose... "We're married... open bar!"

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"... 'cuz we're not getting invited!
And we don't understand..."