Friday, February 23, 2007

If I could cook...

Technically I am not incapable of cooking. I just kind of hate it. I'm not that creative, and am not the type to dream up dishes using only what I have in my fridge. I cook on the rarest of occasions, and mostly for survival purposes, ie, when the hubby isn't here and I must fend for myself. You'll be shocked to learn, I'm sure, that I don't even make anything cool. Mostly noodles. So let's assume, for the purposes of this post, that I cannot cook.

But if I could.... I'd consider making these:

Those are crab cakes with panko crumbs. I first heard the word "panko" on Bobblehead's show, but let's not hold that against me. She sometimes has good ideas. Anyway. I was just thinking about crab cakes the other day, I don't know why.

I intended this to be a much longer post, but alas! it is not. Terrible, terrible.

1 comment:

vespertine said...

mmm...crab cakes=)
They're not too terrible to make (unless you want to use fresh crab), so we should definitely do it sometime! Mmmm...!