Monday, June 19, 2006

Babies - part deux

As an addendum to my last post, I thought I would write a few more thoughts.

First - I guess not having kids definitely means a different perspective. I love kids, but actually, I really like that I can hand them back to their parents when I'm tired of them... in a good way of course. Obviously I can't predict how I'll react once we do have kids... maybe I'll feel totally different.

I once watched an episode of Dr. Phil which was like stay-at-home moms (SAHM) vs. working moms (WM) and I was honestly shocked at the attitude of some of the SAHM's. The way in which they condemned working moms was awful... suggesting that working moms don't have their kids' best interests at heart, that their kids will suffer, etc... most of the WM's either said that of course they felt some guilt about working all day but didn't have a choice.. or else that they wanted to show their kids that it was possible to balance a full time career with a full household.

The former Chief Judge of the Provincial Court here in BC worked all her life and has five kids. Five! My stars. I think being a lawyer isn't terribly conducive to staying at home, although I never want to be one of those big firm, partner-track lawyers who works 80 hours a week and has billing targets .. but I probably won't be able to fluff off work whenever I want either.

Finally, I borrowed a book called "Mommy Wars" today at the library. It's full of essays from both SAHM's and WM's. Should be a good read.

Okay, on to non-baby-related stuff. I tripped one of my 3" three ring binders yesterday and nearly ripped a nail right off my toe. Needless to say I was in terrible pain (although I am a pain wimp.) I don't think medical attention is necessary (or even useful) .. but I wish I could do something other than try not to re-injure it. I guess I'll have to wait several weeks. This puts a glitch in my plan to have nice polished nails all summer long (it is sandal season, after all.) I actually googled "torn toenail" to find some remedies. I love the internet.

Anyway I could barely walk this morning and therefore I didn't go to school today. It's okay - I doubt I missed much. I felt a bit better after a good long sleep, but it's still difficult to walk properly. Stupid binders and klutziness.

Tis all for now. I haven't posted many pictures lately, but maybe I will do so soon ... I am waiting to receive a new adapter for my notebook ... Raf dropped my whole computer once and it partially severed a portion of the cord - and I finished it off the other day. Wow, I'm doing well, clumsiness-wise.

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