Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summertime madness

This picture was taken two years ago when the cell group came over and we had some trampoline fun. It's sometimes hard to remember what cell group was like then, but I'm reassured by this picture that we clearly had a lot of fun together.

I'm still in cell group and although the people have changed from the original group - some have moved on, some fresh faces have come, some have started other cell groups/may join other cell groups, some live on the Island or in the States or in Singapore, some had a baby, and of course, can't forget our Star Performer - it's still a terrific group. Colin first came up with the name "WHAM", for "With Heart and Mind", or maybe "With HAM"... :) and I still like to think of cell group as Wham, even though everything's changed.

It isn't that I want to relive the past, or that I don't enjoy the current makeup of the group. I love the way cell group is now. I guess it's just easier for me to say "Wham" than "Wednesday cell group" or anything of the sort. And after all, I think "With Heart and Mind" is still a great motto for our group.

Anyway, I dunno. I don't have a picture handy of the new group, but I'm sure I'll find one somewhere among everyone else's pics.

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