Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm too smart for school

Yes, I have concluded that I am just far too clever to be stuck in a classroom all day. Or maybe that's just my excuse for thinking that PLTC is full of everything I hate - a ton of readings which must be done immediately, fear of failure, boring lectures, and people bright enough to get through law school, yet not bright enough to figure out that they should bring their materials to class.

I am stuck in this course until the end of July. What a pleasant way to spend a summer, sitting in a classroom which alternates between icy cold and stiflingly hot. I'd much rather be working, to be honest.

I haven't learned much so far this week.... everything is common sense... don't steal money, call your clients back, don't harass other lawyers, etc. Blah. I could teach this course!

Oh well. Since I have to do it, there isn't much that can be done about it. School drags me down in general, I'm always tired... the commute is long and crowded (I drive partway and bus partway.) Oh, the bus - how I've missed the loser cruiser. I had almost forgotten that there's always one of the following sorts of people on board: a) the crazy guy ("I NEED TO GO TO CANADA TRUST AND THE CASINO. WHERE IS THE BANK? IS IT NEAR THE CASINO? I NEED TO GO TO CANADA TRUST! WHERE IS THE BANK? WHERE IS THE CASINO? RIVER ROCK? RIVER ROCK????? IS THAT NEAR THE BANK???? "; b) the guy with bad hygiene (fingers in orifices followed by touching the pole is unacceptable bus decorum); c) the guy who won't MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE BUS despite the constant recording urging you to move back; d) the guy who, when you get up to give your seat to an elderly lady, immediately takes your seat and will not give it up to said lady; and e) the guy who just will not remove his backpack so that when you're seated, it hits you in the face.

To all ye who display such behaviour, I hereby banish ye to a life of HAVING THE SAME THINGS DONE TO YOU. Or, I would also accept a life of you LICKING THE BUS FLOOR AND ALL OF THE POLES after guy with bad hygiene touches all the poles.

end rant.

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