Sunday, May 14, 2006

Les Phoques

As some of my faithful readers might realize, I went to Campbell River this past week to spend a little time on the non-litigation side of the lawyering world. May I just say, litigation is the way to go. Corporate work is dull when you're like me and have a mind incapable of understanding company law. Real estate conveyancing doesn't look so hot either. Wills and estates - well, okay, those are actually not so bad. But litigation! Oh, the joys of that heart-pounding feeling every time I go to court... and it's not like I've even run a trial or anything.

Anyway, one of the best parts was that I got to go on a super cool boat ride with another lawyer and her husband. The husband turned out to be the MAYOR of Campbell River. How neat is that! "His Worship" was incredibly friendly, as was his wife, and they took me out to see seals, sea lions, and basically showed me that small town life isn't as boring as I might think.

Here's the inside of the boat (I had Wendy's for dinner - she makes gooood salads):

Sea lions? They are huge and noisy!

And finally - a gorgeous sunset on the water:

I have a few more pictures, but they aren't all as exciting. Maybe I'll post them later. I watched a lot of telly while I was away - there wasn't much else to do there! It's definitely a prettier town than Medicine Hat, AND it has a Starbucks (which I did not try b/c I was being cheap!)

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Meli said...

I'm so insulted!! Medicine Hat is the prettiest city in the country! :) j/k Hope things are going well with you guys!