Thursday, July 02, 2009

1461 days

If you had asked me last year what I thought I'd be doing on our fourth anniversary, here is a list of what I would not have said:
  • doing a load of dirty diaper laundry
  • typing with one hand because I'm holding the baby with the other
  • searching craigslist for items like a nursing pillow
  • brushing my son's head to loosen those stubborn cradle cap flakes
  • washing the spitup out of my hair
Boy, life sure has changed in the last year. In my post last year about our anniversary, I mentioned that having a dog trumps having a kid. Well, I still think there are several advantages to having a dog. For one thing, the dog is much easier to train. She knows way more tricks than the Spud does. For another, the dog will always listen to us. I dread the day when the kid turns against me. Oh, and I never had to teach the dog how to eat - she's always been good at that!

Of course, I'm thrilled to be a mom and to have our little guy in our lives. God has really blessed us with a great kid. He looks particularly sweet when he's sleeping and not yelling in my ear! I think he's the best baby ever. If you asked me what I thought of him at 4am, maybe my response would be different. It's pretty hard to be coherent when he's screaming in the middle of the night and all I'm trying to do is change his diaper. Sigh. The nice thing is that the hubs will always take over if I need him to, and sometimes he's just got that magic "fall asleep" touch.

Happy anniversary, honey. Thanks for taking this crazy ride with me.

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Tree said...

Happy Anniversary! Spud adds a spice to your marriage, but I know you will both handle the heat well and be wonderful parents, while still holding a loving partnership with each other. Here's wishing you another great year of marriage!