Sunday, November 30, 2008

Halfway point

Dear baby,

I made it to the halfway mark of my pregnancy without even realizing I was pregnant... so if you ever look up old blog posts and wonder why I didn't blog about my pregnancy earlier, that is why. I hope you don't think your mother is incompetent. I had an inkling I might be pregnant, but so many other reasons also existed for my fatigue, stress, loss of appetite, um, anyway.

The good news is, you're almost here! In less than five months we'll get to see your face. Your real face, not your scary ultrasound face. Your daddy and I are super excited. Your dog, Kodi, would be excited if she had any idea what was going on. Trust me, she's just itching for a new face to lick. She has a cough right now, but that didn't stop her from trying to eat one of the Christmas tree ornaments. Oh well. Hopefully by the time she meets you, she'll be less prone to eating things she shouldn't.

According to a pregnancy calendar site I visit sometimes, you are as big as a banana, carrot, or butternut squash. I find that last one hard to believe. Have you seen a butternut squash? Those things are gigantic. This pregnancy calendar lists a wide variety of issues that can occur to your mommy during pregnancy. None of those things have yet happened, but we've got a long way to go, so I'll keep you posted. It also says that by now I should be feeling your kicks easily, possibly even outside the belly. Hmm. Once again, I will keep you posted. The ultrasound tech said you were quite active, but darned if I could tell.

Baby, we are grateful to God that you're on your way. Can't wait to meet you!


Jo said...

A WHAM baby in the making! Congrats!!!

I'm so excited for you. You will be an awesome, cool mommy. Relax lots and enjoy the next couple of months before the sleepless nights, crying and pooey diapers arrive. Has Raf started shopping for toys yet? ;)

We look forward to meeting you, mini-rafvonne!

Anonymous said...

congrats! sorry, i haven't had the chance to do it face-to-face. with regards to the belly kicks....i used to eat a chocolate bar (the mini ones) just so that we could feel caleb's kicks. i know, what a cheap thrill.

pame said...

Congrats to both!
what a beautiful blessing you are about to recieve, well you`ve already recieved, but you still can´t hug him/her
I hope you share some pictures here so I can see you pregnant :D

Big Hug!