Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I would like to have

  1. Strawberry Chapstick. I don't know why, but Shoppers (and other stores) only seem to sell plain and cherry, which, yuck. I have only found strawberry at one particular store at UBC (Subcetera). Not being a student anymore has a downside.
  2. A saxophone. I still want to learn how to play one day. How hard can it be?? :)
  3. New computer.... although the rattling in this one seems to have stopped... yay!
  4. 24 Season 6 set. Gotta keep the collection going.
  5. A 16-20 oz. stainless steel tumbler, no handle. I have a "tall" size one already. What? I like hot drinks.


ArC said...

A sax can't be much harder than a clarinet. Heavier, but then again they have a neck strap.

Tree said...

Is this your Christmas wish list?