Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shoebox time!

What are you putting in your shoebox this year? Yes that's right, it's Operation Christmas Child time again! If you haven't packed your box yet, it isn't too late! Official collection week is November 5-10, 2007. You can drop off your box at any Safeway, or go here to find a location near you for dropoff.

We just did a little shoebox shopping today. I made my box for a 6-8 year old girl. Here's what I got:
  1. Plastic box (more long-lasting than cardboard)
  2. Plushie seal (cuz in Canada - we have seals. Heh.)
  3. 12 pencil crayons
  4. 6 pencils
  5. 1 pencil sharpener (hand crank kind!) (only $2!)
  6. Skipping rope
  7. Facecloth
  8. Pink pencil case with ruler/stencil
  9. 3 finger puppets (zebra, lion, bear... oh my)
  10. Wooden drum toy thing (you rub it between your hands - it makes noise)
Not bad I think. The box wouldn't hold any more stuff!

Hubby made his box for a 10-14 year old boy. He wanted to include some stuff that might help a boy who needs to work, so his box has:

  1. Plastic box
  2. Screwdriver with various bits
  3. Monkey wrench
  4. Ruler set
  5. 12 pencil crayons
  6. 6 pencils
  7. Pencil sharpener
  8. Magnifying glass (to start a fire? examine a bug?)
  9. Othello game
  10. Facecloth
  11. Tape measure (metal kind)
Maybe that'll give you some ideas for your own shoebox! We're also including a Christmas card with our picture and address, in case somehow the kids are able to write us a letter. That'd be super cool!

We really had so much fun and joy in giving away boxes last year in Chile. God has given us so much... it was awesome to be able to share some of that with children in another part of our world. As we approach the Christmas season, may God work in all of our hearts to look beyond ourselves!

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Tree said...

Thanks for the ideas, Y, but D and I just finished shopping for our 10-14 year old girl. When you went to distribute the boxes, what were the fave items? Were there any items that the kids didn't like? I bought Band-Aids, but I hope that's not a totally lame gift.