Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaBloPoMo strikes again

So I just realized that it's time for the annual NaBloPoMo event again ... the month in which bloggers (some? a few thousand?) attempt to post every single day. Once again, I didn't officially join, but once again, I will attempt to write something every day. I have my doubts about the success of this venture, but we shall see.

Speaking of things that occur every year, I got my hair cut two days ago. I don't have a picture of myself yet... nor do I really want to post one on my blog anyway ... but here is (somewhat) the look I suggested:

The stylist (thank you to Char and Jr for the salon suggestion!) said "Oh ... this style requires hair wax. Do you use hair wax?" and I almost said, "What is hair wax?" Instead, I went with the vague "Oh... not really..." and then I gave her complete control of my hair. I tend to think that's the best idea, since I know nothing about hair. I wouldn't want my clients telling me how to do my job, I suppose.

The best part is that this haircut only cost $25 (although FYI - their prices are going up to $28 starting Dec. 1). I am truly a cheapskate (considering I cut my hair once a year or even less). But not so cheap that I would cut my hair myself... although I thought about it.

It's the day after Halloween. Time to search out some half price candy!

1 comment:

char said...

*Churros* has been charging that same $25 rate for the past 10 years.. i guess $3 increase isn't so terrible =P

Shoppers has good deals on halloween candies... got mine already but almost had to fight some old geezer for the last bag of O Henry. hmph!

Hope you love your new hairstyle =)