Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind...

Greetings beloved readers... I'm comin' at ya from waaay down in San Fran! We're here visiting my brother. It's only been one full day but a busy one it has been. We have helped my brother furnish his place, and let us hope he never has to move again! I hate lifting stuff!

The new GPS is faboo. We have been zipping around town like nobody's business alternating between Shrill, I mean Jill, the American voice, and Karen, the Australian voice. We gave Emily, the British voice, a roll, but she was just okay. You can't drive mindlessly though, sometimes it doesn't give you much warning to make a turn, depending on how wide the intersection is. Also, some words are a little garbled.... or mixed up. But overall, a very fun unit. I'm looking forward to not driving aimlessly looking for specific addresses in Maple Ridge, for example.

Today we ate at Ohana, a Hawaiian BBQ place. I believe it is a chain restaurant but really, it's quite good value and pretty good eats too. It's the epitome of fast food. Even when you eat in, you get a styrofoam container. No need to ask for a container to pack up your leftovers, since it comes in its own takeout container... and leftovers there will be since they feed you huge portions. I had BBQ pork - yum.

We also passed by the famous "Mr. Chau's" and the also-famous "Pho to Chau". We didn't stop at either one.... but we did laugh.

I must say, what is with the skanky dressing people seem to enjoy these days. This one girl wore short shorts to the BBQ place and then complained that she was cold. You're kidding! Shorts that don't cover your legs at all and you are cold? Ridiculous! Super tiny t-shirt not producing warmth? How odd!

Church doesn't start at 9 here.... it starts at 9:45. But my brother says everyone is always 15 minutes late. Kinda familiar :D

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pj ... I'm back said...

Hey Y, welcome to the "great US of A"! I've been absent for a while cuz I put myself on a self-imposed "no commenting on blogs" over Lent and guess what it's Easter! Remember me telling you how a GPS, especially in a new city, is like better than sliced bread! And the great thing is even if you make a wrong turn, she (Betty or Jill ...) will reroute and still take you where you want to go. How long are you here for? Send regards to A.

Have a blessed Easter and keep your eyes off scantily clad women ..., I'm assuming it was a woman that you were referring to. If it was a man (afterall, you are in SF), keep your eyes off them too.