Tuesday, February 17, 2009

32 weeks

Dear little one,

The doctors aren't agreed on your exact due date, but apparently I'm somewhere around 32 weeks, and happily, you're not measuring ahead or behind. I like normal, so good job. I met the OB today and she said your head is down and your legs are on my left side. That explains a lot of the odd kicking recently.

I'm finding it difficult to believe that you're really not that far from your arrival into this world. There's no way I'll ever be fully ready for your presence in my life, but here's a little of what we've done so far:

- set up your room - mostly. The crib hasn't arrived, but when it does, you'll have a place to sleep. You already have two dressers and a super cool bookcase. Your daddy didn't like the bookcase as much as me, but I thought it was fantastic; plus, I love books.

- set up your diaper changing area. We're planning to use cloth diapers so I have purchased a ridiculous amount of diapers for you... I have a stash of newborn fitted diapers and covers, and when you outgrow those, I've got a second stash of one-size pocket diapers that will hopefully take you to potty training time. I can guarantee that people reading this either will care deeply about diapers, or will think I'm crazy. I've spent a lot so far on diapers, but I think it's still less than I would have spent on disposables. Please don't be allergic to cloth diapers. :)

- met the OB/GYN.... who might not necessarily be the one who delivers you, but since the family doctor doesn't deliver.... anyway. I'm trying not to fret about this process.

- attended pre-natal class. We went with the class-in-a-day option rather than the six weekly session option. I think that was a wise choice; I doubt that in the pain of labour I'll really remember much anyway.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm exhausted.

Can't wait to meet you!

Off topic: I watched a bit of American Idol tonight. Why do I put myself through this terrible show. Every year I tell myself I won't watch any more and yet every year I keep tuning back in. Paula Abdul is still beyond crazy and incoherent, although she appears to be trying to tone down the insanity a smidge. The finalists are BAD, at least most of them are. Please don't sing Mariah or Whitney, people.

I'm still faithful to Heroes, 24, and new on the list, The Office. Don't get me hooked on any more shows though!


vespertine said...

love that there's a bookcase! auntie junior will help stock it up with plenty of literary goodies :)

Anonymous said...

when baby arrives, in the early months (since you'll probably spend most of your 24/7 sitting down and nursing) you'll have lots of time to enjoy your shows (bonus!) or read every parenting book available from the library! The downside -- most likely you'll want to trade some of that time for much needed sleep.

Jo said...

woah, cloth diapers! other than the environmental-friendliness aspect, what made you decide on this over disposables? (just curious... I don't think I know anyone who used cloth diapers beside my parents' and grandparents' generations!)

hope you've been getting lots of rest and work has not been too crazy for you. we're all so excited (p.s. I still think it's a boy, heh).