Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Almost 27 weeks

Dear baby,

We are entering the third trimester and my, hasn't that gone quickly. Not so much for you, maybe, but for me, it's been quite smooth sailing.

Here are some updates on your progress. You are rather kicky these days, and last night it felt as though you were playing the drums on my stomach. Lovely! Perhaps you'll take after your mommy and be musical. Or maybe you'll take after your daddy and be athletic. Ideally, a combination of both. Hopefully, not a lack of either characteristic. Also, you handled yourself quite well after I took a spill the other day. Good job! We were pretty relieved to hear your heartbeat and a nice kick on the doppler.

Apparently at this stage you weigh just over 2 pounds. Coincidentally, I am now about 2 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I am happy not to have gained more, but I am not really thrilled about gaining weight in general. What can I say, I have body image issues. I hope you won't ever have that problem.

You haven't caused me to have any odd food cravings and I think generally, I have been eating fairly well. Unfortunately, I failed my glucose screening test, and I will have to attend a much longer test this week to determine whether or not I might have gestational diabetes. GD isn't really related to diet, more to family history and such, though of course if I had it, I'd have to modify my diet. Diabetes runs in your dad's family, not so much in mine, so if I have it, guess who I'll be blaming? That's right. YOU. But let us hope it does not get to that point. I'm not good with needles and such. Your father has already made changes to our meals, introducing more veggies and cutting out as much starch as he can get away with before I complain. He's a good guy. You'll like him a lot.

I think you're a boy, and your dad thinks you're a girl. I asked the dog what she thought but she just turned away when she realized I didn't have any food for her. Well, only a few more months until we find out who's right.

Since my last post, we've done a lot more to prepare for your arrival. We bought a high chair, not because you'll need one right away, but because it was a floor model on clearance. I love me a good sale. This is the high chair we bought. I like the animals on it, but it's too bad you won't get to look at them since you'll be facing the other way. We also bought a new glider/ottoman combo, again a floor model on clearance. Oh, and we got you a swing/infant rocker. We'll see if you are one of those kids who hates swings or not.

See you in 13 weeks!

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Jo said...

omg, 13 weeks. Time flies! Very soon, your little miracle will be here to greet the world. What an exciting journey it must've been so far :)

Nice high chair, btw!