Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wii love to DS

Friends, this blog is coming at you from a MacBook. I sure hope you like it because this computer is expensive. Of course, it isn't MY MacBook, but nonetheless, it's a nice one. If I had the cash to spare, I would consider a MacBook. Then again I would probably only use it for PhotoBooth. Speaking of which, if this is your computer on which I am composing my blog, have you noticed any new pictures on your PhotoBooth lately? Heh...

So it's been a bit of a technology-filled world lately. I got my new cell phone after weeks of waiting, and now I am just waiting for my screwed up bill to come so that I can call and complain. Please, sense my joy. The hubby sold my DS to a friend and due to a sale at our friendly Zellers, I got a brand new white DS Lite. Hubby is the proud owner of a brand new black DS Lite. Ahaha! We are such nerds. We will be Mariokarting all over the place, so look out.

Not much else of note lately. Someone sent us an email about some black Lab puppies that need a new home, and I did think about it - but it wouldn't be fair to the dog since we are going to Mexico soon ... too bad - they were super cute.

I am currently suffering from Nintendo thumb. As well as watery eyes. Perhaps I am just too old to play Nintendo. But probably not.

Pointless post, but I bet you read it all the way through anyway!

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euge said...

hey look! new photos! =)